Requirements For The Spheres Club


Your profile should contain the following, and if it is missing any of the following data, you will simply not be accepted into the Spheres Club. ALL of this information must be entered into your personal profile on



  1. A full, facial photograph of self. Not a body shot, a face. No sunglasses. Your eyes must be viewable. If in case you do not have a digital photograph of yourself, please get a friend to make said photograph of you.


  1. Your name must be entered thusly in the ‘name’ field, given “John Smithjones” as an example: JohnSphere Smithjones. Please note: you absolutely MUST include your last name and the word “Sphere” after your first name.


  1. Your precise geographic location. Not just “California” but “San Francisco, California,” for example. 


  1. A statement which describes why, exactly, you wish to be in the Spheres Club.


  1. The following questions must be answered, again, on your profile:


a)     I think the Galactic Deity is __________________.

b)     I think God is __________________.

c)      I think Gary Chicoine is __________________.

d)     I think Power/Shakti is __________________.

e)     I think Vinnie is __________________.

f)      I think The Spheres Club is __________________.

g)     I think I am __________________.

h)     I think Zen is __________________.

i)        I think the Sufi Way is __________________.

j)       I think Yoga is __________________.

k)     I think Nagual Seership is __________________.

l)        I think the search for Truth is __________________.

m)   I think I am a spiritual teacher because __________________.

n)     I think I am not a spiritual teacher because __________________.




These are the requirements which must ALL appear on your self-profile. If you miss anything here in two attempts to get it right, I will immediately reject your application for the Spheres Club. So, take your time and think about it. It’s not that difficult.


If you do have a question for me about the above, I will answer no more than one question. I do not have time to work with you on this; you’ll have to work it out for yourself. Again, this is not rocket science, so please take your time and calmly and peaceably provide the above information.


I wish you good fortune in your search for Truth.


Happy Regards,

Vinnie Sphere